The strategy will define the long-term direction and objectives of work

Preparation of the Open Government Strategy of Finland 

The Open Government Strategy will be prepared as part of the public administration strategy that is mentioned in the Government Programme of Prime Minister Rinne. The Open Government Strategy will constitute one of the chapters of this strategy. The Open Government Strategy will be prepared alongside the Action Plan on Democracy Policy.

The strategic work will take into account the changes in the operational environment, which will concern electronic services, communication and exchange of opinions in particular. Developing digital connections will, on the one hand, introduce new opportunities for communication, action, participation and influence, but on the other hand they are channels that make it possible to actively erode decision-making processes and trust, with means including the spreading false information, cyber attacks and the harassment of system operations.

As part of the strategic work, it will also be explored how improved strategic observation of civil society in the work of the various ministries could be realised and when profit goals are monitored and profitability measured.

As part of the strategic open government activities, support is offered for the preparatory work of the ministries’ NGO strategies and their updates. NGOs report that ministries with existing strategies have achieved good results.

The regional tour mentioned in Commitment 1 will also be used for conducting a dialogue on the Open Government Strategy.

The openness training that will be prepared on eOppiva will be used for communications and dialogue on the strategy.

The Open Government Strategy is also one of the OECD recommendations on open government.

      • The Open Government Strategy will be prepared as part of the public administration strategy. The draft Open Government Strategy has been completed. The Strategy includes the vision, priority areas and their prioritised objectives. Once the Strategy has been approved, the IV Action Plan will be updated in accordance with the Strategy in connection with the intermediary assessment of the programme in early 2021. In this way, the updated programme will function as the implementation tool of the Strategy.

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