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Municipal affairs

According to the Finnish Constitution, the municipalities have a dual function. Firstly, they function as the basic regional administrative units of our country, and secondly, as the basic units of the self-government of the citizens. In Finland, the municipalities have a long tradition of self-government, and thus, the municipal system provides an important arena for political participation. In addition, the municipalities play a central role in society through organising most of the welfare services.

Within central state administration, municipal affairs are covered by several ministries. The Ministry of Finance has the responsibility for the development of municipal legislation and administration, calculations and analyses relating to local government finances and the promotion of functioning cooperation between the State and municipalities. The Ministry of Finance handles municipal tax matters, such as calculating the shares of corporate tax.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for developing, preparing and implementing legislation concerning the municipal election and referendum procedure. The Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Communications as well as The Ministry of Employment and the Economy develop and carry out tasks related to municipal infrastructure and develop and implement related legislation. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health develop basic municipal services and related legislation and handle central government transfers concerning these services.


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