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The Government as Employer

The Government creates preconditions for success and welfare for our entire society. A sound management of human resources advances the service capacity and efficiency of the Government’s operational units in their functions and their societal influence.

The Government as employer seeks that its operational units, which function in the service of citizens, enterprises and communities, are innovative and forerunners in their own task areas. As part of the public sector, public administration is responsible for a vast and diverse field of tasks and assignments, including the judicial system, the security of citizens, education and culture in addition to other basic functions and the sustainable development of society. 

Primary responsibility for personnel and for good management of human resources lies with each of the Government’s operational unit. Centrally made definitions of policy and the development of human resources anticipate changes in the common operational environment and create frameworks and conditions for favourable employer operations.

With kind regards,

Teuvo Metsäpelto
Director General, Office for the Government as Employer


Key facts for employees

How long is the initial trial period in employment? How are wages determined? Where can I get help when there are problems at work?Straightforward answers to basic employee questions of this kind can be found in a new guide to working in Finland published by the national labour and employer confederations.

This key information is also now available online in Swedish and English.

To manage at work, both employees and employers really ought to know their principal rights and duties.Labour legislation sets out basic ground rules for the working world, and there are more detailed regulations in collective agreements.

The online guide to working in Finland provides links to further information available through the websites of trade unions, employers’ federations and other specialist agencies and organisations operating in the world of work.

The contents of the online guide to working in Finland have been compiled by the national labour and employer confederations of Finland (Akava, SAK, STTK, EK, KT, VTML and KiT).These organisations will also update the information on the website every six months.

The various language editions of the online guide are available at:


Printable version

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