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The objective of the Finnish tax system is to provide financing for the government effectively and in accordance with general social policies. In addition to having a sustainable tax base and a consistent internal structure, the tax system must be internationally competitive.

Division of Labour within taxation

The Ministry of Finance is a specialist in the setting of objectives for taxation policy, and its responsibilities include the preparation of tax legislation and participation in the development of the Tax Administration and Finnish Customs. The Ministry is also responsible for the preparation of intergovernmental agreements concerning taxation and customs cooperation. The Ministry is a representative of Finland in issues concerning taxation and customs in the European Union. Achieving a functional internal market and a consistent tax system are the main priorities of Finnish tax policy within the EU.

The Ministry of Finance provides guidelines for the Tax Administration and Finnish Customs through annual performance agreements.

The core task of the Tax Administration is to carry out the duties assigned to the Tax Administration by society consistently and successfully. The Tax Administration operates in such a way that customers can and are willing to contribute to their tax issues correctly and on their own initiative. The Tax Administration provides targeted and convenient services that make it easy for the customers to deal with the Tax Administration and that minimize their costs. The systematic management of tax risks enhances the accrual of tax revenue.

The Tax Administration is a national authority whose functions are arranged around the main national units dealing with taxation and the shared units responsible for corporate steering and support services. The units dealing with taxation are the Individual Taxation Unit, the Corporate Taxation Unit, the Tax Collection Unit and the Tax Auditing Unit. Each unit has a steering and development unit which is in charge of the planning, management and oversight of the unit’s operations. The actual taxation tasks are carried out in offices located around Finland..

Finnish Customs is responsible for customs operations which include the collection of duties, taxes, and other payments relating to customs. The main responsibilities of Finnish Customs also include the promotion of foreign trade, the protection of Finnish society, and the maintenance of foreign trade statistics.

In addition to the Tax Administration and Finnish Customs, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and pension and insurance institutions collect taxes and other payments.

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