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The Ministry of Finance updated the content, visual presentation and functioning of its website in 2006. The site is constantly being added to and updated.

We welcome feedback, questions or suggestions on how the site can be improved. These can be sent using the form provided in the 'Feedback' section.

Structure of the site

The site is divided into 12 main sections. Each page has three columns of information. The column on the left displays the section headings and subheadings, the column in the centre presents the main content of the page, and the column on the right provides links and additional information.

In addition to links to the main pages, the upper edge of each page also provides links to other language versions and a search function. The 'Feedback' section contains a form on which you can send feedback on the site electronically to the Ministry's Press and Information Unit and another form you can use to request information from the Information Service on the Ministry's area of responsibility.
Contact details for the Ministry of Finance and a link to the 'Information on the website' section are presented at the bottom of each page.

Ministry. The 'Ministry' section provides information on the Ministry of Finance's activities, objectives and achievements, its organization and functions, its branch of government and its history.

Press releases and speeches. This section contains press releases of the Ministry of Finance and some speeches of the Ministers.

Publications and Documents. The 'Publications' section contains publications published in the Ministry of Finance publication series. Various Ministry of Finance documents have been compiled into the 'Documents' section. Many of the publications and documents are crosslinked with related topics in order to facilitate access to information as easily as possible and by as many routes as possible.

Projects. Some of the projects, working groups and programmes currently underway in the Ministry of Finance are outlined in these pages.

Contact information. The 'Contact information' section provides general contact details for the Ministry and its ministers.

Areas of expertise. The 'Areas of expertise' section provides access to subsections on 'Economic prospects and policy', 'National finances', 'Taxation', 'Financial markets', 'The Finnish State as an employer', 'Public management reform', 'Municipal affairs' and 'Public sector ICT'.

Legal disclaimer

The Ministry of Finance bears no responsibility for any costs or damage caused by any inaccuracies in the contents of this website. The Ministry also bears no responsibility for any damage caused by technical faults or material linked to the site that has been published by a third party.

Under the Finnish Copyright Act (404/1961) and later amendments thereto, copyright to all material published on this site is held by the Ministry of Finance or other party or parties mentioned in connection with a specific document. When the rights to photographic material are held by the photographer, this is indicated next to the photograph.

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Please observe that no personal data is collected on the users of the website. However, where replies for questions and feedback are requested, e-mail addresses and other contact details are queried.

Statistical data is collected on the website in order to be able to improve the site. To be able to record visitors and their numbers, the website sends a cookie. The statistical records include the number of users, country of origin, time of visit to the website and the browser used to access the site.

Please note that a cookie is also sent by the website when the keys for zooming texts into larger or smaller size are used.

Technical requirements

Our recommended minimum browser requirements for the most widely used browsers is Internet Explorer 4.0.

For reading files in PDF format you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from

Site functions

Search function. The search function accessible at the top of each page offers a choice between a free keyword search or a advanced search or a site map.

Links. Internal and external links open in the same window.

Printing. At the bottom of the central column on each page there is a link to the page in a layout suitable for printing. This takes you to a new window from which the page can be printed off without the need for navigation.


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About this site

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