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Public Sector ICT Strategy

In January 2012 the Ministry of Finance set up a project to devise a strategy for the utilisation of common ICT throughout public administration. The formulation of the strategy was chaired by the Ministry of Finance as an open process, with hundreds of people from public administration, from business enterprises and from NGOs taking part. The vision in the strategy reaches to 2020, and policy approaches and measure to the end of 2015. The strategy highlights why smoothly functioning ICT is crucial for the operation and development of public administration

Using services and information. A proposal for the first common strategy to address challenges in public sector ICT utilisation 2012 – 2020

The Government aims to develop public sector ICT by means of the following actions (reference to the Government Programme of 22 June 2011):

  • The development of public on-line services will be placed under the management of a full-bodied actor.
  • Clear goals will be set for productivity improvements.
  • The interoperability of public information systems will be ensured through the use of open interfaces and standards.
  • The implementation and effectiveness of the project entities of the Electronic Services and Democracy Development Programme will be evaluated.
  • Productivity in the public sector will be boosted through better utilisation of business intelligence, more compatible information systems, and by bringing together information management data and procurement resources data in public administration.
  • Shared use of public administration information will be facilitated.
  • All common functions of the State ICT service centres will be brought together.
  • To promote interoperability of information systems, open source standards are used in public administration, which determine the compatibility of information content and IT interfaces.
  • Enterprise architecture will be employed, utilising shared information platforms and shared eGovernment platforms and eServices.

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