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Finland to join the Open Government Partnership Initiative

14.06.2012  |  Press release 122/2012

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) was launched in New York on September 20, 2011 in relation to the meeting of the UN General Assembly. The goal of this global initiative is to develop a more transparent, effective and accountable government. The aim is to develop the dialogue between public administration and citizens and to enhance citizen participation. The initiative aims at concrete commitments from the participating countries to transparency, to citizen participation, to anti-corruption and to use of new technologies 

Finland meets the eligibility criteria to join the partnership. To join Finland also has to embrace the Open Government Partnership -declaration and to deliver a concrete national action plan. The programme has to be done by consulting and involving citizens and civic society organizations. Officially Finland can join in the next OGP annual meeting in March 2013.    

The Finnish Ministry of Finance launches a co-operation project to draft the national action plan and to dialogue and consult with citizens and civil society organizations.

Open Government Partnership – initiative has been joined by 47 countries at the moment, including all the Nordic States and Estonia. The OGP is overseen by a multi-stakeholder International Steering Committee comprised of government and civil society representatives:

More information on Open Government Partnership

More information about Finland joining:

Financial Councellor Katju Holkeri tel 358-2955 30087 and Ministerial Adviser Johanna Nurmi tel.  358-2955 30171 from Ministry of Finance.

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