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The Ministry of Finance is part of the Government. It provides a macroeconomic and fiscal policy framework for the Government, drafts the annual Budget and offers experience in tax policy matters. The Ministry is responsible for strategic policy on the financial markets, and State employer and personnel policy, and for overall development of government. Moreover, the Ministry is in charge of the legislative and financial requirements of local government functions. It also participates in the work of the European Union and several international organizations.

The Ministry works to safeguard stability and secure opportunities for growth, and to ensure a competitive tax system and the competitiveness and service provision of Finland's public administration. The Ministry's vision emphasizes the importance of stable economic development in order to safeguard the opportunities of future generations.

The Ministry of Finance is an expert organization whose activities are based on knowledge and research. The Ministry values the competence, cooperation and openness of its personnel. A continuing objective is to recruit the best available expertise and develop the operations of the Ministry to meet the changing demands of the operating environment.


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